• Empowering individuals to be
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    Founded in 1984; TGI a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

    provides agencies and individuals with pertinent and comprehensive resources available to them while maintaining one the largest Community Resources Database in San Antonio and surrounding cities.


    Terra-Genesis–a human services nonprofit built from a dream

  • Our Mission

    Empowering individuals to be self-sufficient.


    •To develop and maintain a worldwide Community Resources Database.
    •To share comprehensive resources and information.
    •To encourage and support other start--up organizations by serving as the group exemption holder.

    2012 CRD

    2012 Community Resources Directory

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  • iKiosk Locations

    Organization Location Phone
    1 Presa Community Center 210-532-5295
    2 SAHA – Alazan-Apache Courts 210-477-6295
    3 Edgewood ISD - Stafford Head Start - Summer Restrictions 210-444-7900
    4 San Antonio State Hospital 210-531-8130
    5 Haven For Hope 210-220-2100
    6 Good Samaritan Community Center 210-434-5531
    7 Family Services Association (The Neighborhood Place) 210-229-2426
    8 SAMMinistries - Blanco 210-979-6188
    9 Each One Teach One (EOTO) 210-436-7633
    10 Children Shelter 210-212-2576
    11 Parent Child Incorporated (PCI) Head Start Office 210-475-5077
    12 SAHA - Atrium 210-477-6262
    13 Family Violence Protection SVCS *Restricted 210-733-8810
    14 Triumphant Church Community Center 210-681-0229
    15 Center for New Communities - Zion Luthern Church 830-456-6669
    16 Believers In Christ Ministries 210-862-0793

    iKiosk in your community

    iKosk brings TGI's published directory to digital life by deploying publicly accessable kiosk work stations throughout the community. Each iKiosk station is directly connected to the TGI network and delivers current and updated agency information.

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  • Programs

  • Our Technology

    • TGI has always maintained a solid presense in the Technology arena,

      from the development of our search and indexing software in 1984 to our state-of-art information systems and software that powers all of our technology driven services such as xnet and iKiosk.

    • Placing our Technology in your community

      is one of TGI' initiatives, from distributing cummunity accessible information kiosks in neighborhood community centers to making information readily available in printed format and through our online resources such as xnet.


    More on our Technology
  • Our Address

    Terra-Genesis Inc.
    P.O. Box 100875
    San Antonio, Texas 78201.

    Freephone: +1 800 579 3391
    Telephone: +1 210 342 8576
    Fax: +1 210 348 8913
    E-mail: Send Us an Email

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  • Thank You for your Donation!

    Your donation will go a long way in helping us to continue providing our programs and services to organizations and individuals. Without your support none of this would be possible. Remember, Terra-Genesis is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Orgination and your donation is fully Tax Deductibile. For asistance or to obtain our EIN for your Tax Records, Please call 210-342-8576 or email us at tginfo@tgicorp.org

  • Technology

    Everything starts with a dream...

    1984 Concept Drawing

    In 1984; that is where this dream started; from concept to reality and reaching a span of more than thirty-years of trial and error, but only with perseverance, dedication and commitment from countless individuals is how this dream became real.

    (At left: 1984 Concept Drawing)

    1984 Concept Drawing

    Today; with the advancements and growth in technology, very little has changed from our original vision and concept, from our original DOS based software that we continued to use up until 2000 to our more robust and advanced systems we use today, our process flow has never deviated from our primary objective of providing resources in digital and printed format that are used by thousands of organziations and individuals today.

    (At right: 1984 Work Flow Drawing)

  • Terra-Genesis of Texas

    Amy Young Barrier Removal Project

    Program Details
    In August 2011, the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs released $4 million in funding through its Texas Housing Trust Fund (HTF) for the Amy Young Barrier Removal Program.

    The Amy Young Program provides one-time grants of up to $20,000 to Persons with Disabilities, whose household income does not exceed 80% of the Area Median Family Income (as defined in the NOFA), for home modifications necessary for accessibility and the elimination of hazardous conditions.

    Program beneficiaries may be tenants or homeowners and their household members with disabilities.

    If you are needing services: Please call Mr. Ben Amor at 210-342-8576 or go to www.terragenesis.org

    If you are a Contractor looking to provide the work:

    Please email your company profile, resumes, references and contact information to Mr. Ben Amor at tginfo@tgicorp.org

  • Community Resources Directory

    2012 CRD

    Terra-Genesis prints a yearly Community Resources Directory that is used by thousands of organizations and Individuals every day. Layed out in a keyword format, users can locate resources and organziations quickly with common keywords that best describe their needs from A-Z.

    Note: This is the last published book version of our directory. There are limited quantities left. Get your copy while they last!.

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    Digital Directory on USB

    2012 CRD

    Terra-Genesis is transitioning its published directory to digital format. The digital format will have the same look as our paper version with the ability to receive quarterly database updates. This will give users a fresh publication four times a year. To Pre-Order your USB Key call us at 210-342-8576.